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Do you have a passionate interest in both self-improvement and seeing the world become a better place? If so, you are in the right place!

8Heroes aims to pioneer social, human, and emotional learning in the age of video streaming. Through powerful, cinematic storytelling that is relatable to diverse audiences and communities our aim is to inspire YOU to be bold and brave about progressing your life not just for yourself but for your community. We also aim to create video content that helps different communities understand and relate to each other on a deeper level.

As founders we've always been passionate about social, human, and emotional learning in our own lives but the journey of self-evolution can feel so lonely. We're done with doing it alone!


If our mission resonates with you, we want you to join us in building a national/global community of learners that investigates human behavior, health, psychology, trauma, and social problems together. 

Let's learn together and grow together.


Nana & Iris

Nana Maia, Founder


Iris Nevins, Founder